Outreach Objectives and Planning

First Phase Plan of Action:

A mini-bus is needed for the weekly transportation of tutors, instruments, and teaching equipment and materials to the selected schools for tuition. A bus is also needed to transport players and their instruments to performances when necessary.  

Tuition in the following instruments will be presented at the selected schools: 

(Timpani's, percussion and various other instruments will have to be purchased according to need).

The focus will be to identify talented learners from various disadvantaged schools. It is also further envisaged that WCYO would engage small group classes as well as bigger ensemble groups as starting point for a small Development Orchestra. It is further envisaged to do Theory and Aural training, as well as practical tuition with opportunities to participate in international examinations as well as local Eisteddfods. 

Second Phase Planning:

During the second phase - following the success of the first phase's fundraising - the WCYO aims to implement the following:

By the end of the second phase it is further envisaged that the Development Orchestra will gain Symphony Orchestra status, and the more advanced members will be able to audition and become members of the WCYO Symphony and other Orchestras.

Third Phase Planning:

During the third phase - following the success of the second phase's fundraising - the WCYO aims to implement the following: