Why we need funding?

Towards the end of August 2013, the West Coast Youth Orchestra was registered as a Non Profit Company (NPC 2013/173339/08).

The WCYO intends to commence with an outreach program, in the geographical coverage area, to tutor young people and children from disadvantaged areas in the art of music and in the genres and instruments mentioned earlier. This is believed will have a positive impact on the communities they represent.  It is generally known that children from disadvantaged areas are often abused by parents and other adults; they are exposed to substance abuse and generally suffer from neglect. Due to poverty and low income levels in these communities, young people from these areas do not have the means to attend music lessons as these are paid for lessons on a one to one basis.

By receiving tuition, learners will improve in various aspects such as discipline, responsibility, concentration and self-esteem. The WCYO will even open doors for further study or work opportunities.  

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Needs for the WCYO Office and Outreach Program:

If you would like to contribute towards the WCYO, please click here to contact us. Regular monthly contributors will appear on the Friends of the WCYO page. Click here for more info.